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亚愽app电竞登录:马德兴:阿兰无缘国足因归化人数限制 每期只招3-4名归化球员
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Reported by Ma Dexing, an all-media reporter of the Sports Weekly


On September 29, the Chinese Football Association announced the latest 28 men's national team training list. The naturalized player Fernando and the naturalized player Jiang Guangtai appeared on the list for the first time, the most notable. However, the selection of many players on this list is easy to cause controversy, and Zhang Xizhe, who is in good shape, was not selected, which is somewhat surprising.


Six days of training only without warm-up match


The National Football Team plans to arrange training camps in Shanghai from October 5th to 9th, which was arranged before the restart of the league this year. After FIFA and AFC announced the postponement of the Asian Top 40 World Cup group stage to next year, the National Football Team has cancelled a training session originally scheduled from late August to early September so that the Super League can proceed smoothly and completely. The first stage of the game. And this training session is for the national team to use the FIFA national team game window in October to start, especially considering that the domestic league has a second stage of competition. Although there is still time in November, it involves multiple teams playing in Asia. The Champions League, coupled with the critical qualifying of the second stage of the league and the arrangement of the FA Cup, are no longer suitable for training camps. Therefore, the National Football team decided to organize a short 5-day training camp in October.


The national football team has no warm-up plan for this training camp. The most important thing is to use this interval time so that the coaching staff can understand the players’ conditions, review the technical and tactical requirements and content of the previous training, plus the ability to let new players understand the team. Technical and tactical guiding ideology, there is a process of familiarity and understanding with the original players. From the perspective of the overall arrangement, the national football team's training has more business content and technical and tactical content. And considering that this year's entire season may end late, it is very likely that no training camp will be organized at the end of the year, but a unified arrangement will be arranged to start the training camp early next year. At that time, we need to look at the top 40 schedule arranged by FIFA and AFC to determine the specific time for the next training session. Therefore, it is necessary to organize such a training camp. ...

国家橄榄球队对此训练营没有热身计划。最重要的是利用此间隔时间,以便教练组人员可以了解球员的状况,查看以前训练的技术和战术要求和内容,以及让新球员了解球队的能力。技术和战术指导思想,是与原始玩家熟悉和理解的过程。从布局的角度来看,国家足球队的训练具有更多的业务内容和技术战术内容。考虑到今年的整个赛季可能会晚些结束,很可能在今年年底不组织任何训练营,但将安排统一的安排,以在明年年初开始训练营。那时,我们需要查看FIFA和AFC安排的前40个时间表,以确定下一次培训课程的具体时间。因此,有必要组织这样的训练营。 ...

Of course, many clubs still have some opinions on how much this training camp is. After all, the league did not end until September 28, especially since the previous players have spent more than 70 days in a closed environment. What players need most is rest and adjustment. Then prepare for the more critical event of the second stage. The national team organizes such a training camp, which will further reduce the rest time of the international footballers, which will affect the second stage of the competition to some extent. Despite the opinions, in order to support the work of the national team, the clubs still let the international team go to the national football team to report.


It is reported that according to the plan, the national team will gather before noon on October 4, and then arrange the first training session on the afternoon of the 4th. Subsequently, the team will arrange more morning training, to the end of the training camp on the 9th. During the training camp, the team will not arrange any warm-up matches.


Four new faces intend to reserve


During the first stage of the Chinese Super League, the head coach Li Tie traveled between Dalian and Suzhou, and has been watching the game live to understand and observe the performance of the international players who participated in the first three training sessions. At the same time, he paid attention to the relatively outstanding performance in the league. player of. On this basis, the team determined a list of 28 people for training. Among the 28 people, there are six new faces including Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu, Tong Lei, and Zeng Cheng.


Zeng Cheng has always been the main goalkeeper of the national team before, but he was unable to participate in the first three training sessions of Li Tie after coaching the National Football Team because of injuries. This time he performed well in the league because of his transfer to Shanghai Shenhua, and he returned to the national team. . Similarly, Zhang Yuning, who also played on behalf of the national team in Lippi era, has been missed after Li Tie took over the national team. As for Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Guo Tianyu, and Tong Lei, they have never been selected for the national team training before. They are the "new faces" of the national team in the true sense. It will take time to have the opportunity to officially play for the national team in the future. day.

曾成以前一直是国家队的主要守门员,但由于受伤,他在执教国家足球队后无法参加李铁的前三场训练。这次他因为转会至上海申花队而在联盟中表现出色,然后回到了国家队。 。同样,在李铁接任国家队后,也缺席了代表里皮时代的国家队出场的张蕴宁。至于费尔南多,蒋光泰,郭天宇和童磊,他们从来没有被选拔过参加国家队训练。从真实的意义上讲,它们是国家队的“新面孔”。将来有机会有机会正式为国家队效力。天。

These six were selected because they performed well in the league. For example, Tong Lei, except for the last round of rotation and failed to play, he played almost all of the game in the previous 13 rounds and performed at right back. Has a good up and down ability, and has 3 assists. From the perspective of "potential stocks", the right back of the national team needs fresh blood.


The two young centers Zhang Yuning and Guo Tianyu did not play a lot in this year’s league. Zhang Yuning played 13 times with a cumulative time of only 586 minutes, but also scored 3 goals, especially in the last round of the match with two assists to his teammates to help. Guoan defeated his opponent; Guo Tianyu also played 13 times, with a cumulative time of only 433 minutes, but also scored 2 goals, especially the winning goal against Guangzhou Evergrande, which attracted much attention. From the perspective of the talent pool of the future center of the National Football Team, Zhang Yuning, born in 1997, and Guo Tianyu, born in 1999, are both centers worthy of focus on training and shaping, and they are two completely different players with different similarities and styles. Training camp is also a long-term consideration.


If you add Zhu Chenjie, these 97-year-old National Olympic team players can be said to be a representative or trend of the "younger" national team. The problem of aging of the national team has long existed. Whether it is Lippi era or after Li Tie takes over, it is difficult for young players to have the opportunity to enter the national team. Of course, this is related to the lack of acceptance of young domestic players and the low level of skills and tactics. It also has something to do with the national team's need to deal with the competition, and there is no time and opportunity to train new players. The reason why so many young players have been recruited this time has a lot to do with the fact that the national team has not had any competition tasks recently.


The naturalized lineup is enlarged but limited


Both Fernando and Jiang Guangtai are naturalized players, and their selection can be said to be "desired." Fernando had already completed all the formalities for his naturalization to represent the national football team as early as June of this year, but he has not been able to organize the national team training. And because Fernando was punished for violating discipline in the Evergrande team at the beginning of the year, and because he returned to the team late, his state was not guaranteed, so he was not in the national football training plan at the beginning. With the deepening of the league, Fernando gradually entered the state after his return, and the breakthrough on the flank did have an effect, helping the Evergrande team to become more brave in the league, which made the voice of entering the national team quite high. Eventually selected as wished.

费尔南多和江光泰都是入籍球员,可以说他们的选择是“希望的”。费尔南多(Fernando)早在今年6月就已经完成了入籍代表国家足球队的所有手续,但他无法组织国家队训练。而且由于费尔南多(Fernando)因年初违反恒大队的纪律而受到惩罚,并且由于他晚归队,因此无法保证他的状态,因此他一开始就没有参加国家足球训练计划。随着联赛的加深,费尔南多返回后逐渐进入状态,而侧翼的突破确实起到了作用,帮助恒大队在联赛中变得更加勇敢,这使得进入国家队的声音相当高。 。最终按期望选择。

In contrast, Jiang Guangtai is a long-time favorite candidate for the national football team, but only because he was previously restricted by the relevant FIFA regulations, he has lost the opportunity to represent the Chinese national team. After passing the relevant regulations on the transfer of membership of players at the FIFA Congress on September 18, Jiang Guangtai was once again qualified to represent the Chinese men's football team. Therefore, the national team called him into the team in advance.


It needs to be pointed out that so far the Chinese Football Association has only formally reported to FIFA and applied for help Jiang Guangtai complete the membership conversion qualification in accordance with the latest FIFA regulations. FIFA has not yet given a clear approval opinion, so Jiang Kota has not yet obtained the qualification to formally represent the national football team. However, because the national team only organized training sessions and did not participate in international competitions, Jiang Guangtai could participate in training sessions from the perspective of familiarizing and understanding the technical and tactical play of the national football team in advance. But I believe that he should be able to get approval from FIFA and play on behalf of the national football team before the restart of the top 40 in the World Cup qualifiers next year.

需要指出的是,到目前为止,中国足协才正式向国际足联报告,并根据国际足联的最新规定向姜光泰申请帮助完成会员转换资格。 FIFA尚未给出明确的批准意见,因此,Jiang Kota尚未获得正式代表国家足球队的资格。但是,由于国家队只组织训练班,没有参加国际比赛,因此,江光泰可以从事先了解和理解国家足球队的技术战术战术的角度参加训练班。但我相信他应该能够获得国际足联的批准,并代表国家足球队出战,然后在明年的世界杯预选赛前40名重新开始比赛。

The selection of Fernando and Jiang Guangtai means that the naturalized lineup of the national football team, plus Exon and Li Ke, has been further expanded to 4 people. Alan of the Beijing Guo'an team, who was previously said to appear on the training list of this period, is the top of the list, which is somewhat unexpected. However, according to the reporter's understanding, the main reason why Alan was not recruited was that the national team should not have too many naturalized personnel. Three or four people in each period is a more appropriate number. And in the future starting lineup, it is impossible for three or four naturalized players to appear on the court at the same time, but there will be choices. This is also a basic principle of the current Chinese men's national team. Therefore, although according to the latest FIFA rules, the national football team can naturalize more foreign aid from the Super League, it is basically the "wishful thinking" of the outside world, so it is unlikely that there will be new naturalized faces in the near future.


However, although Alan failed this national football training team, it does not mean that the door of the national team is closed to him. If Alan can maintain a good state, in the future, the national football team may be called into the team at any time to replace other poorly naturalized players. As for another foreign aid like the Evergrande team, Luo Guofu, because he did not show a superior state in the league, he also lost this issue.


Multiple players have been selected for dispute


Since the first stage of the Chinese Super League has just ended, the performance of all players in the league is well known to the outside world. Because of this, the selection of several players can easily cause controversy from the outside world, such as Wei Shihao of Guangzhou Evergrande. This is not to say that Wei Shihao is not eligible to be selected for the national team. Among the top 10 scorers in the league, Wei Shihao is the only domestic striker, but the problem is that he almost missed the second half of the game and has been recovering from his injuries. Calling up the national team at this time may not be able to participate in the normal training of the national football team. In this case, it is better to recruit Wei Shihao than to recruit other players worth seeing. Similarly, Hao Junmin, also due to injuries, basically missed the second half of the league.


Yu Dabao also missed the second half of the league. He has been sitting on the bench. Only in the last round did he regain his chance to start. The penultimate round came on as a forward substitute. Under this circumstance, the National Football team will recruit him as a central defender, which will naturally lead to unnecessary speculation from the outside world. In contrast, in the first stage of the Super League this year, a central defender who performed better than Yu Dabao failed to get such an opportunity.


It is also prone to external controversy that Wuhan Zall has four players selected. The performance and achievements of the Zall team in the first stage of this year's league competition, I am afraid that needless to say. Since Li Tie took over the national team, the Wuhan team has become a "big national football player", which has caused widespread controversy from the outside world, and the number of selected clubs is far stronger and more stable than the Shanghai SIPG, Suning, Luneng and other clubs. . Now, after the Wuhan team entered the relegation group, these people are still selected, I am afraid they will only be more questioned by the outside world. In contrast, Guoan’s Zhang Xizhe performed relatively well, especially if players who could hold the ball in the midfield, organize and control the midfield were not selected, it would also cause heated discussions from the outside world, namely What is the current national team selection criteria?

武汉扎尔有四名球员入选,这也容易引起外界的争议。扎尔队在今年联赛第一阶段的表现和成就,恐怕不用多说了。自从李铁接任国家队以来,武汉队已经成为“国家足球大佬”,引起了外界的广泛争议,入选的俱乐部数量远远超过上海SIPG,苏宁。 ,鲁能等俱乐部。 。现在,武汉队进入降级小组后,这些人仍然被选中,恐怕只会受到外界的更多质疑。相比之下,国安队的张希哲表现相对较好,特别是如果没有选择能够在中场持球,组织和控制中场的球员,这也会引起外界的热烈讨论,即目前的国家队选拔是什么?标准?

Of course, every head coach has his own ideas and opinions. In many cases, it is impossible to satisfy everyone. The important thing is that the team can speak with results and performance in future games, so that the outside world can forget these unnecessary Dispute.


No one commented, but quiet


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